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Wonder Woman Slot Review: Features, Bonuses, Symbols, and RTP

Wonder Woman Slot Review: Features, Bonuses, Symbols, and RTP

No one denies the popularity of superhero-themed products today. From the ever-increasing movies and TV shows available on air to the games, superheroes have become a significant theme over the globe. With such popularity, it is no surprise that superheroes have been able to extend their reaches even into the world of slots.

With that in mind, this review will dwell on one of those superhero-themed slots ─ the famous Wonder Woman slot.

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    Released 2014

    Software Bally

    Rolls 5

    Paylines 40

    Minimum Bet 0.25 per line

    Maximum Bet 200 per line

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    Inspired by the comic book heroine Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman Gold is a 5-reel slot machine themed after the 1970s’ Wonder Woman Show. Capturing the glitz and glamour of that era, the Wonder Woman Gold slot takes players back to the golden age of this comic character. From the game’s incredible cartoon/comic book graphics to its catching music (from the 70s show), it is sure to drive the lovers of this classic show wild.

    Produced by Bally Gaming, one of the big names in the industry, it is the bomb even before you begin to dive in this Wonder Woman slot review.

    How to Play Wonder Woman Slot?

    How to Play Wonder Woman Slot

    It is pretty much a typical five-reel slot machine, so it is quite easy to play, even for beginners. If you have ever tried the Tarzan or Michael Jackson slots, you are most likely to find this game very familiar and straightforward.

    The first thing you need to do is place your bet by clicking on the word “Stake” on the lower right-hand side of your screen (underneath the fifth reel, slightly to the right). When playing for free, both your wagers and winnings are virtual, and so there is no actual value. If gambling with real money (a minimum of £1.50 and a maximum of £200 per spin), players get the chance to win up to 250,000 times their total stake.

    After placing your bet, you need to click the large circular Spin button on the right-hand side of the screen to spin the reels. The game also comes with the Autoplay option, which allows players to automate a number of spins, saving you the time and stress of having to tap the Spin button repeatedly. The Autoplay offers 4 number of automated spins: 5, 25, 50, or 100, and can be located on the right-hand side of the screen under the Spin button.

    Wonder Woman Game Features

    The Wonder Woman Gold slot has the following features:

    Expanding Wild

    The Expanding Wild is one of the special features you need to keep your eyes out for. These symbols appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 (the three middle reels) as an image of the Princess of the Amazons herself. They keep expanding to take over the whole reel. These symbols substitute all other except the Free Game and Jackpot symbols.

    Mystery Stacks

    The Mystery Stacks appear as Wonder Woman’s bracelets. These symbols can be replaced with any symbol of your choice except for the Wild, Free Game, and Jackpot symbols.


    The Jackpot symbols appear on reels 1 and 5, and that’s what you need to look for. They appear as stars, and there are three forms:

    • The Mini Jackpot symbol is the blue star. You win it when you have blue stars on reels 1 and 5.
    • The Major Jackpot symbol is the red star. You get it when you have red stars on reels 1 and 5.
    • The Mega Jackpot symbol is the gold star. You can receive it when you have gold stars on reels 1 and 5.

    The value of each Jackpot varies depending on the sum of a player’s stake. Nevertheless, you can bet that regardless of your stake, getting a Jackpot will add a considerable sum to your winnings.

    Buy A Bonus

    The “Buy A Bonus” is a unique feature in the Wonder Woman Gold slot. It enables you to gain a Free Game Bonus round without having to win the Free Spins. In other words, you get the benefits of the Free Game Bonus, just by paying a token.

    You can activate it by pressing the “Buy A Bonus” button on the right side of the screen (above the Spin Reel button).


    When you think about the winnings gained from slot machines and games, it is a popular belief that not all the gains from the game go to the player. The portion that does is what is referred to as RTP, in other words, Return to Player.

    The Wonder Woman slot has an impressive 96.2% RTP. Taking into account how easy it is to play and the Jackpots players stand to gain, a Return to Player like this means your winnings remain substantial even after converting them into real money.

    Special Symbols in Wonder Woman Slot

    Here are the symbols to consider when you play Wonder Woman slot:


    The star symbol in the Wonder Woman Gold slot is designated for the Jackpot feature. There are three different types of stars that represent the three different Jackpots ─ Blue, Red, and Gold stars for the Mini, Major, and Mega Jackpots, respectively.

    Wonder Woman’s Bracelets

    The Bracelet serves as the Mystery Stack symbol. It can be replaced with other symbols in the game except for the other special cards.

    Wonder Woman Symbols

    There are a variety of Wonder Woman special symbols. These include:

    • The Circular Wonder Woman Symbol
      It serves as the Free Spin Scatter in the Wonder Woman Gold game (more about that later).
    • The Expanding Wonder Woman Symbol
      This is the Expanding Wild Symbol. It usually appears in reels 2, 3, and 4 and can substitute other cards except for the Free Spin Scatters and the Jackpot symbols.

    Wonder Woman Free Spins and Slot Jackpots

    Free spins can be acquired in the Wonder Woman slot by getting three of the game’s Free Spin Scatters, which are represented by the circular Wonder Woman symbols and appear on reels 1, 3, and 5 only. When a player gains three or more of them, it doesn’t only trigger Free Spins, but the user also wins a cash price.

    There are three categories of Free Spins in this Wonder Woman game:

    • 8 Free Spins: When you choose this option, the Wonder Woman symbols will replace the A, K, Q, and J symbols.
    • 16 Free Spins: When you select this option, the Wonder Woman symbols will replace the K, Q, and J symbols.
    • 26 Free Spins: When you choose this option, the Wonder Woman symbols will replace the Q and J symbols.

    As for the Jackpot, Wonder Woman Gold offers three different types:

    • The Mini Jackpot
    • The Major Jackpot
    • The Mega Jackpot

    Players win Jackpots by getting the dedicated symbols, which appear on reels 1 and 5. The Jackpot symbols appear as stars, and each kind of Jackpot has a different star color ─ Blue for Mini, Red for Major, and Gold for Mega. To win a Jackpot, one needs to collect stars of the same color on both the 1st and 5th reels.

    Wonder Woman on Mobile

    Wonder Woman on Mobile

    Are you the type of player always disappointed when you find a slot pokie you love but realize down the line that it doesn’t have a mobile version? Well, you need not worry about that in this case!

    Though there is still no official app, players can enjoy the rush of this game from the comfort of their mobile phones. You can do this by visiting any online casino offering the Wonder Woman Gold game on your mobile and playing it there.

    The Wonder Woman mobile app still has all the features of the game’s regular version available. You get everything you like so much about it on your mobile, with the only difference being the smaller screen.

    About Slot Developers

    Bally Technologies, the creator of the Wonder Woman Gold slot, is one of the big names in the industry. With several other famous casino games under the company’s belt, there is no surprise that the Wonder Woman Gold is such a success.

    Check out more Bally Technology Games here.


    With all said and done, it is safe to say the Wonder Woman Gold slot will be loved by those who are crazy about Superhero-themed games and, most definitely, by those who admire the Wonder Woman franchise. While this Wonder Woman slot machine was not themed after the most recent Wonder Woman movies, the game is still sure to appeal to the Amazonian Princess’s fans.

    The gameplay also makes it perfect for fans of the Michael Jackson and Tarzan slots, and the simplicity of the game is what caters to both beginners and experienced slot gamers. Finally, the wide bet range (£1.50 to £200) is perfect for players of both the high-risk takers and the highly cautious ones.

    Taking all this into consideration, it is another fantastic product from Bally Technologies. From the wonderful features to the impressive RTP and genius adaptation of the 70s Wonder Woman show, this game is a must-play for all the slot enthusiasts and lovers of the Wonder Woman franchise.

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