Mega Moolah: what is it, and how to win?

Mega Moolah: what is it, and how to win?

People are so fond of slots for several reasons. On the one hand, they are games that do not require too much thinking. They are relaxing in some way. On the other hand, slots have attractive and very bright visuals. There can be other reasons, but the major would always be incredible winnings. Unlike many other games delivering big money, slot machines do not require much experience from a player. All they need to do is to make a wager.

Although there are myriads of progressive jackpot offering slots on the internet, you can hardly find one that is more famous than Mega Moolah. Thanks to this game, many people have become millionaires. That is why many people around the world know it.

In this Mega Moolah review, you will find out some information about this game. You will also get some tips on how to get a winning.

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    Released 2009

    Software Microgaming

    Rolls 5

    Paylines 20

    Minimum Bet 1 per line

    Maximum Bet 5 per line

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    What kind of slot is Mega Moolah?

    It is a progressive jackpot slot game created by Microgaming. It came out in December 2006. The theme of this slot is Africa. The name of the Mega Moolah game is interesting indeed, but it also has a meaning. The word “Moolah” is a slang word that meant money. Mega means that the game provides big winnings. Thus, the name of the slot implies that it can give big jackpots. It happens to be one of the reasons why so many people prefer to play Mega Moolah.

    As they start the game, they are transported into savannah with wild African animals, which represent symbols the value of which is high. When you start it, you have a wide range of possibilities to win. The progressive jackpot can be millions of dollars. That is why there are so many people who are willing to try their luck.

    Mega Moolah slot game and its features

    The main thing they start playing this game is the possibility of winning a jackpot. There is one more thing to be considered, which Mega Moolah free spins is. Any player can receive them by bringing three or more shaman-like characters in view. You can get fifteen free spins in this case. In addition to that, each win is going to be tripled during this round. You can also re-trigger spins during this round. In this case, at least three scatters are to be spun.

    Mega Moolah slot game and its features

    No one can miss the progressive jackpots. Most of these kinds of games require spinning symbols into view while the Mega Moolah slot differs. The progressive jackpot bonus round pops up unexpectedly. The truth is that the bigger bets you make, the more chances to activate it you have. If this bonus is received, the players need to spin the wheel. You will see it on the screen. There are four kinds of a progressive jackpot, which are:

    • Mini (10 dollars);
    • Minor (100 dollars);
    • Major (1000 dollars);
    • Mega (1 million dollars).

    What about Mega Moolah`s theme and graphics?

    The world the players get into is magical. As described before, the theme of the Mega Moolah slot is the wildlife of Africa. Thus, everything is bright and colorful here. Kudu, zebra, monkey, wild buffalo, lion, elephant, and giraffe represent the symbols. There are also card symbols – J, A, Q, ten, and K. The game also has awesome sound effects, which make the playing process even more entertaining.

    Another interesting thing is that the animal symbols do not look like real animals. They are great caricatures, which look nice. This way, a well-designed slot can make you have a nice time.

    How do I play Mega Moolah?

    The good part about this game is that anyone can play it without any issues. Even those people who are new to slots can figure out what to do. When you have found a reliable online casino, you need to make your first deposit. As soon as you are done with it, it is necessary to click on the Mega Moolah online slot. Do not forget to make sure that you have selected the real money mode. Before you start making real bets, a nice thing to do is to play fun mode first. This way, you can see how everything works. Very few betting platforms allow doing it. Therefore, they usually advise starting by making small wagers first.

    Mega Moolah has five reels and twenty-five paylines. The players are free to wager as many paylines as they want. This slot is that kind of game where the wager size does not matter much. The players are usually advised to wager all twenty-five lines to increase their chances.

    When it comes to betting range, you should know that it happens to be from one to five cents. The denomination is to be selected as well as the number of the paylines. The players also need to determine how much they are willing to pay per line. The maximum total makes up 125 dollars. Therefore, if you wager the minimum per spin, the maximum would be 6.25 dollars. Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot game, so if you can, you should always wager the maximum.

    As the lion is on a working payline, a player`s winnings are doubled. When at least three monkeys scatter symbols appear on the same spin, a player receives fifteen spins free, and all the winnings are tripled. It is how it happens.

    Mega Moolah mobile and application

    Every online casino works hard to attract as many customers as possible. That is why a mobile version and an application are essential. Consequently, the Mega Moolah slot machine is accessible via an app too. Any player can make use of the Mega Moolah mobile app after they download it. It is compatible with the majority of mobile devices. You can play the slot from the mobile version of the website on iOS, Android, or Windows phone. If you think that quality can be worse, then you are wrong. Everything is the same. It means that playing with the help of your phone is as fun and entertaining as using a PC. Safety is another thing people usually consider. They always want to know if it is safe to play this game via mobile devices. You do not have to worry about it. The thing is that the host betting platforms must be checked and certified by a third party. They also utilize high-quality encryption so that everything is protected and safe. That is why it is safe to play the Mega Moolah mobile app. This way, progressive jackpots have become available to everyone. Players have all the possibilities to get a million winnings when making bets.

    Can cryptocurrencies be used to play Mega Moolah?

    Cryptocurrencies are very convenient for many people; consequently, there are already many players who go for this option; although there are still fans of traditional slots that accept credit cards.

    • Ethereum;
    • Bitcoin;
    • XRP;
    • Litecoin.

    Cryptocurrencies are very convenient for many people; consequently, there are already many players who go for this option.

    How to win Mega Moolah jackpot?

    If you are willing to become a Mega Moolah winner, you are to understand how the slot works. The Random Number Generator (RNG) binds the process. It implies that the result of every spin is random. The players cannot influence it. It is good.

    On the other hand, many people say that it is important to place maximum bets so that your chances to win increase. It is hard to say whether it is the truth. The official Mega Moolah website claims that the players do not have to wager the maximum because the reward can occur naturally at the lowest wager. These statements are contradictory, so it is for the players to decide which one they believe more.

    However, what Mega Moolah tips players need to follow to win a jackpot? Here are some tips, which will make you understand how to win Mega Moolah:

    1. It is important to play realistically. You should not chase the big winning at all costs.
    2. It is important to control the situation. You should know when to stop.
    3. The players need to focus on the bankroll while playing instead of attempting to win the jackpot and cover the losses. If you succeed in collecting more money using bonuses wisely or by playing games with high payouts, that would be good. This way, you can wager more on Mega Moolah.
    4. Stick to the slot. All people who manage to win a slot have something in common. They all play only one game. It does not matter how long it takes; they just stick to it. Mega Moolah is no exception here. Some players just placed one bet and won a lot of money. That was pure luck, indeed. If you want to obtain better chances, you should be more consistent.

    Final verdict

    Final verdict

    So, is Mega Moolah a worthy slot machine? The first thing you notice about it is that it is designed well indeed. The graphics and sound quality are great. That is why players feel as if they are in a different world. The features are nice, and the same quality is available for the mobile version and app as well. The slot can also bring big money to players. Despite that, you should always remember that the key factor here is luck. You can hardly affect it. At the same time, they suppose that it is possible to improve chances by making maximum bets.

    The main thing for the players to remember is that Mega Moolah is a slot with progressive jackpots. Many players have already received money from it. The biggest jackpot made up around 17 million. It means that the Mega Moolah slot has already brought millions to many people around the world. Consequently, your chances to be one of them exist. Just follow the provided tips and make bets. You can be the next to win a million.


    Is the slot machine legit?

    Mega Moolah happens to be a legit product of a well-known gambling developer. Microgaming is a reputable company that has a license and is regulated by the most trusted authorities such as Gambling, eCOGRA, the Remote Gambling Association, and Malta Gaming Authority.

    Is Mega Moolah safe?

    The Top Casino soft company developed this game. Microgaming has been licensed by eCOGRA, which means that the game is fair and safe.

    What is RTP?

    Mega Moolah has 88.12 Return to Player (RTP). It is good if comparing to other casino games.

    How to win the Mega Moolah game?

    When playing this slot, you should consider that there are four jackpots in this game. While Mega is the biggest one, there are also Mini, Minor, and Major jackpots. Select which one you are going to target. Of course, everything depends on luck, but they advise to make big wagers to increase chances.

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