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Dragon Spin Slots Online Game Review: Features, Bonuses, Symbols, and RTP

Dragon Spin Slots Online Game Review: Features, Bonuses, Symbols, and RTP

Online slot games have hit it big in the last years, as more and more gambling enthusiasts have abandoned the classical Vegas-like real machines and adventured into the online world. As a gambling enthusiast, you might be happy to see the variety of games the web has to offer, and you can play a lot of them just for fun or for real money.

As the Chinese year is starting, here is an exceptional online slot game for review, inspired straight out of the magical realms of their mythology. Dragon Spin slot is the name of the game, and everything will be discussed further about it in this review.

  • Video Overview
  • Additional info

    Released 2011

    Software Bally

    Rolls 5

    Paylines 50

    Minimum Bet 0.30 per line

    Maximum Bet 120 per line

    • Screenshots

    The Dragon Spin slot machine is a web-based video slot, which can also be found in casinos all over the world if you are feeling lucky with some real money. The game itself had a major impact on players all over the globe, like the ones that know the actual slot machines discovered it online, and the demand for it to become an actual web-based game increased. This way, it attracted millions and millions of fans, on both web and mobile.

    It is set in a dragon’s lair, where the player can make different combinations of the symbols that can lead him/her to a big win. The game does not offer any cinematic video at the start, making it a little more authentic. As you begin, the loading screen appears, and it puts you straight into the slot page.

    How to Play Dragon Spin Slot?

    How to Play Dragon Spin Slot

    Spinning the reel to get the correct combination of symbols is the main goal. The payouts are awarded from left to right, and the award is dependable on the symbol combinations that the player has on their reel.

    As you load the game, you are greeted by a pop-up menu that explains the different opportunities of winning. The actual reel is very minimal, with a setting button, help section, an option for mobile play, and the autoplay button — all on the right side of the screen, colored in bright red.

    On the lower side of the slot machine, you can view your balance that starts from 1000 coins. There are also total win on your current spin and the stake from 0.30 to 120 coins, with a red button that helps you adjust the amount.

    On the right-center side of the reel, we have the spin button, which changes into a stop button once clicked. This way, the player can either wait for the reels to stop spinning on their own, or they can stop them manually.

    On the lower-left corner, there is a button that offers information about the game. Once pressed, it will open another window that provides an extensive and in-depth explanation of how the game works and how to play it.

    Unlike other slots, Dragon Spin does not allow to change line selection or bets per line. You can only toggle the sound on/off in the settings menu, or you can choose to play for real money.

    Bonuses and Features of Dragon Spin Game

    It’s not complicated to play Dragon Spin slot, as it only requires you to set the stakes that you want to gamble.

    Dragon Spin has some features, as follows:

    • Mystery Stacked Reels: you can find a mystery symbol stacked on each reel that is replaced randomly with one to three random symbols when the spin is initiated. It can be substituted with any of them except the ‘BONUS’ one, while ‘WILD’ is only available on this feature.
    • Dragon Spin Bonus: landing 3 scattered Bonus symbols on either 2, 3, or 4 reels will start the Free Game Bonus round. This option is a little trickier as it can be stopped if the wheel falls on Raining Wilds, Reel Blast, or Persisting Wilds features.
    • Raining Wilds: this bonus will earn the player 5 free games. It awards 3 to 10 Wild symbols randomly on the reels that are frozen until the reels stop spinning. The free games are played at the bet amount that triggered this feature.
    • Persisting Wilds: as in the case of ‘Raining Wilds,’ Persisting Wilds Free Games give 5 free spins. Persisting Wilds are also locked into position until the round is over. The games can award up to 7 free Persisting Wilds games.
    • Reel Blast: it makes the center reel shared on all 3 reels, and is also paid out according to the amount of the bet that was in play when the feature was triggered. Unfortunately, players cannot win additional free rounds here. This feature has 90 paylines.

    How Does It Work?

    As in many other online slot games, scatters are paid for symbols appearing in any position on the reel in the Dragon spin game.

    The winning combinations are as follows:

    • Wild: 3 symbols win you 1.40 coins, while 4 bring 3.50 coins to your balance.
    • Red Dragon: attaining between 3 to 5 Red Dragons on the reel can earn you between 0.35 to 3.50 coins.
    • Blue Dragon: the paytable for this symbol is the same as for the Red Dragon.
    • Purple Dragon: as in the case of the Red Dragon and the Blue Dragon, the one also awards between 0.35 to 3.50 coins.
    • Green Dragon: 3 to 5 symbols award; as in the other cases, a payout between 0.35 to 3.50 coins.
    • Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten: having 3 to 5 of these symbols can bring a minimum amount of 0.14 up to 1.40.
    • Paytables change in the case of a feature being triggered; the Wild symbol brings the player up to 7 coins, for example. All stakes are calculated according to the winning algorithm and the chosen stakes.

    Slot Information

    For those who want to know Dragon Spin tips, as well as the underlying algorithms and processes used in slot games, here is a description below.

    Slot games, both real and online, rely on an algorithm that randomly generates numbers (called most commonly RNG). This way, each combination of symbols for every spin is unique. The list below is a breakdown of all the different features that a slot game is comprised of:

    • Reels – Classic slot games, especially real-life ones, have 3 reels, but it is common to find some that have even up to 6. Dragon Spin owns 5 reels.
    • Paylines – It’s all about different combinations that can be made for the player to win. The Dragon Spin game has 30 paylines, all inspired by the real-life slot machines. Earning more money is directly connected to the stakes one makes: higher stakes, bigger win. Depending on the payline the symbols land on, the gain can be bigger or smaller.
    • Rows – The Dragon Spin Slot has 3 rows, displaying a total number of 15 symbols on the screen at all times.
    • Ways to Win – Usually, it is calculated by how each symbol lands in respect to the others, as presented above in the ‘winning’ part of this Dragon Spin Slot review.
    • Features – Unlike most slots, The Dragon Spin game offers a variety of features that can help the player increase their winnings a lot.

    Special Symbols in Pokies

    This game has 6 special symbols mentioned above. Each combination on its own will not trigger anything. However, if the player is lucky enough, a combination of 3 or more symbols will trigger the features. Every activated option has a different payout, besides the 4 Dragons that award almost the same amount of coins. The total sum changes when other features are triggered, and the user gets the winning combination.

    Dragon Spin Free Spins and Slot Jackpots

    Dragon Spin Free Spins and Slot Jackpots

    Most slot games have a bonus symbol that triggers some free spins. This is also the case for Dragon Spin. 3 Bonus symbols will start 5 spins in 1 out of 3 possible free rounds. This allows the player to earn coins without spending anything, having their base bet used in the free spins game.

    Pokies on Mobile

    Many online slot games are more enjoyable on the go. Fortunately, Dragon Spin can also be played on gadgets. The Dragon Spin mobile app does not require any other plugins, as it can be played on all types of portable devices, including tablets.

    What Is the Special Game in Pokies?

    The special game in the Dragon Spin Slot is considered to be the features mentioned above. While other games offer a completely new screen where the player can do some challenges to earn more, this slot is complying with the more classical approach of land slot machines.

    Slots Bonuses

    The bonus symbol is a beautifully crafted jade stone embedded in a golden circle. Once this is triggered, the player can win a massive jackpot.

    About the Developer

    SG Digital is the developer of Dragon Spin. They focus mainly on bringing players a new fresh game every time they have the opportunity. Worldwide renowned, they offer a range variety of lottery, sports, and digital gaming opportunities to gamblers all around the globe.

    Final Thoughts

    Similar to many other web-based or mobile games, slot games are an enjoyable way to spend time, either for fun or for earning more with real money. The simplistic nature of this Asian-themed slot, without many ‘artifacts’ that can distract you, makes it highly engaging.

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