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House of Fun Slot Review

House of Fun Slot Review


Gamblers are always eager to keep an open eye on what entertainments the Internet has to offer. From Vegas-like to fantasy-related online games, the world is full of fun and engaging slots that can whisk you away in a magical realm of joy.

House of Fun is a web-based online video slot machine game that immediately transposes you into a mysterious magic world. It begins with an animated intro showing a couple of teenagers (Paul and Jane) and their dog who wander into a spooky-looking haunted house. The cinematic video starts with them having a flat tire in the middle of the woods, and as they try to find help, they get to a property that seems abandoned, where they are greeted by a man that tries to warn them to stay away ‘or else.’ As they enter the house, the symbols are revealed to them. The cinematic ends off, leaving you on the main screen where you notice the teenagers being trapped.

  • Video Overview
  • Additional Info

    Released 2011

    Software BetSoft

    Rolls 5

    Paylines 30

    Minimum Bet 1 per line

    Maximum Bet 5 per line

    • Screenshots
    House of Fun

    House of Fun Tips — How to Play Slots?

    To start playing the House of Fun slot game, you need to adjust the number of coins that you want to spend on each roll; the amount varies from 0.01 to 1 coin. You start with 10,000 credits and a balance of 1000 coins. The lines and bets per line can also be adjusted from the lower left side of the slot screen, and you can choose to play a single spin or a max bet spin, depending on your preference.

    Players also have an autoplay feature that helps move the game more quickly and allows them to spin reels on the desired amount without doing anything other than watching and enjoying the funny animations the symbols make. Gamers can choose a number between 5 and 100 automatic spins, with lines ranging from 1 to 30, adaptable coin value, and a bet per line from 1 to 5.

    Slots Features

    The House of Fun game features are more complex and entertaining than other typical online slots, meaning that you have three exciting ways that allow you to win extra money:

    • Jack-in-the-Box: If a player gets three Scatters on the reel, he/she can earn free spins; during this feature, the center of the reel is Wild.
    • Mad Hatters: Having three of them on the first three paylines triggers an option called ‘Mad Click Me,’ where you must act quickly and keep clicking until the ‘Collect’ button comes up.
    • 3 (or more) Door Knockers: This symbol on any active payline will make the teenagers and their dog enter the house, and you must help them escape by choosing doors to win big.

    How Does It Work?

    The most frequently asked question when it comes to slot machines is how they work. Every slot-based game relies on a random number-generated algorithm that generates the symbol combinations. This also applies to House of Fun and results in a unique combination of cards for each spin. To understand better, below is a list of the most important parts of every slot game:

    • Reels – Most online games have 3, or even 6, reels that greatly mimic real-life slot machines. The House of Fun slot machine has 5.
    • Paylines – This is the very core of the game, the one that interests the player the most. Paylines describe how many possible combinations the slot has and how many chances the gamer has to win. In House of Fun, you can adjust this number from 1 up to 30 paylines. Users must keep in mind that the bet amount is directly connected to the number of paylines they choose to have on each spin. More paylines increase the chance of winning since the symbol combinations are rewarded according to each payline they are on.
    • Rows – House of Fun has 3 rows, which means that you can only see 3 symbols at a time on your screen.
    • Ways to Win – The usual way to win is calculated by how each symbol lands in respect to the others, as presented above in the ‘winning’ part of this House of Fun slot review.
    • Features – As mentioned earlier, the House of Fun game offers 3 unique ways to earn extra money, besides the common combinations on each row. Every slot game normally offers these features as a way to increase the level of fun, and help the player earn more.

    House of Fun Slot Payouts

    As this is the case for every other slot game out there, players must spin the reels to get the winning symbols. The payouts are awarded from left to right on the House of Fun reel.

    The winning combinations are as follows (from the lowest win to the biggest, in order):

    • 2 or more men in suits can give you from 10 to 150 coins;
    • A combination of 2 or more evil clowns can award from 10 to 150 coins;
    • 3 or more mad hatters can win you from 40 to 120 coins;
    • Gravediggers award from 30 to 90 coins only if you have at least 3;
    • With 2 or more Cheshire cats you can gain from 5 to 60 coins;
    • 3 or more candlesticks award from 15 to 50 coins;
    • 3 or more paintings award a range of coins from 10 to 30;
    • Gargoyles earn you from 15 to 50 coins, but you must have at least three of them;
    • Having 3, 4, and 5 mirrors will provide you with 10, 20, and 30 coins, respectively.

    Special Symbols in Pokies

    Besides the unique bonus game symbols, you can come across a range of cards in the House of Fun game. You can find the gargoyles, the mirror, the candlestick holder, or even the Cheshire cat that you caught a glimpse of in the intro. All these symbols can be combined for a win.

    House of Fun Free Spins and Slot Jackpots

    As explained before in the ‘Slots Feature’ section, the player can earn free spins if they get 3 or more jack-in-the-box scattered on their reel. When the free spins are triggered, autoplay is enabled and stopped once all the free spins are consumed.

    House of Fun


    When you play House of Fun slot, you get an RTP of 95%. RTP refers to Return to Player percentage, which you can expect from a slot. The RTP is pretty much standard as compared to other games and allows the gambler to get huge wins.

    Pokies on Mobile

    Players can also enjoy the game on their mobile phones, as long as they have screen orientation unlocked. The mobile version does not require any other plugins, as it can be played on all types of portable devices, including tablets.

    What Is the Special Game in Pokies?

    Slot games usually have a special game that is triggered when the players have a correct combination of symbols. In the House of Fun slot, it is a combination of 3 or more door knockers that transposes the player inside the actual house. This is a sub-feature of the slot game itself that awards the most coins.

    Slots Bonuses

    For the House of Fun game, the slot bonus feature is the one that is triggered by 3 or more mad hatters. It is called, as previously mentioned, ‘Mad Click Me’, where one must act fast to click until he/she can collect his/her gains.

    About the Developer

    Betsoft is one of the largest creators of mobile games in the world and the developer of the House of Fun game. They offer a variety of online apps that you can play with either real money or for free.


    Can I Bet and Play for Real Cash?

    The game is available to play for free. You can also play it in reliable casinos.

    Is the Game Only Available at Land-Based Casinos?

    It is available in both land-based and online casinos. However, that depends pretty much on the gambling institution.

    Can I Play It Through My Mobile App?

    Yes, you can play House of Fun on the mobile app, without having to download anything.

    Final Thoughts

    Slot games are a fun way to spend time, either if you’re playing real money or not. This particular game is highly engaging, with a fun haunted theme that keeps you spinning the reels for hours on end. And with the possibility of playing on your House of Fun mobile app, you can say goodbye to those long boring commutes, as the House of Fun slot game will brighten any dull moment of the day!

    Regarding the two teenagers that have an essential role here, even though the animation suggests they are terrified, it is more than likely that a player out there will help them ‘escape’ the haunted house. The House of Fun game offers a good experience overall.

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